About the Founder

When you love your work, it is not work. Franky Leung is a perfect example of such philosophy. Originally a classical concert pianist, he has followed his passion for wine and transformed himself into a legendary wine guru by founding Grand Cru Cellar in Hong Kong twenty three years ago. From importing and distributing to retail services, his business has grown to be a major player in the wine industry and Franky Leung has become the name to remember when it comes to wine.

When you hear him talk of wine, you don’t merely hear a merchant selling a product; you hear a lover composing a love ballad for his love. As an active promotor of wine culture in Hong Kong, Franky regularly organises events in his cellar and around the city to share his knowledge and experiences. One of his most unique marks is his effort in cultivating the fresh pairing of traditional Chinese cuisines and wine.

Having already been bestowed honours by the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne as Chevalier in 2006, Officer in 2010 and commanderie du Bontemps in 2016. Franky continues to influence the world of wine in Hong Kong with the mission to bring the art of wine to every household.

Franky Leung, Founder of GCC