It all started almost two decades ago… when founder Franky Leung decided to take his personal interest in wine to the next level.

In the beginning, Franky was a concert pianist, busy performing and teaching; studying and collecting wine started as just a leisure interest. But as his love for and knowledge of wine grew, so did his reputation in the wine industry. First, it was his friends who asked for help in wine purchase and his wife Pearl co-hosting wine dinners to share their appreciation of wine with others. Then, more and more people approached Franky with wine requests and questions. In 1999, supported by popular demands, Franky’s transition from his old musical life to the sea of wine was completed: Grand Cru Cellar was officially founded for full-time wine importation, distribution and wholesale services.

Operating from home originally, the family-owned business grew and grew. Now, Grand Cru Cellar is an understated but established key player in the wine industry of Hong Kong. Having expanded into retail services and now with an 8000ft2 flagship store in Yuen Long – showcasing over 2000 items from all over the world, including not just wines but also spirits and various wine-related accessories, Grand Cru Cellar provides a kind of paradise for wine lovers. All the while, it preserves the personal touches of a family business as it remains to be run by the founding couple and their two sons, Franky Jr. and Mando. The musical influence from Franky’s past profession also lingers and is represented by the two Steinway grand pianos permanently installed in the flagship store. Occasionally, Franky or his eldest son who is now also a concert pianist, would perform for their visitors, bringing wine appreciation to a most melodic realm.

Founder Franky Leung and his family crew are all wine enthusiasts always in search of the hottest deals; they make it their mission to share all the good finds with their customers, offering the best products with the friendliest price tags in the city. Besides the regular hot deals and discounts, Grand Cru Cellar handpicks a selection of fine Grand Cru Classé wines every last week of the month to sell at favourable prices during their «GCC Grand Cru Classé Monthly Sales», making fine wines accessible to everyone. And
to guide you through the sea of wines and spirits is the knowledgeable family crew dedicated to making your wine experience a memorable one.

Among their impressive selection, the Château Mouton Rothschild collection deserves a special mention: with vintage from 1945 going chronologically all the way up to 2012, this is a rare assembly that cannot be missed by any Bordeaux fan. And then there are the French and New World value-for- money wines that are exclusively distributed by Grand Cru Cellar and cannot be found anywhere else. Besides wines, Grand Cur Cellar also carries a remarkable collection of whiskies and some of which are extremely rare bottles.

As a trend-setter of Hong Kong’s wine culture, Grand Cru Cellar regularly organises different tasting events, connecting customers with vinery owners and winemakers to enrich their wine knowledge. Whatever your product choice or price range is, and whether you are a devoted wine lover or just getting a bottle for tonight’s dinner, Grand Cru Cellar can just be your place to explore in the vast world of wine.