Hot from the Queen’s Table

~ Hot from the Queen’s Table ~

Domaine Marquis d’Angerville Meursault 1er Cru Santenots 2007
Warre’s Vintage Port 1977

The two long-awaited wines from the Royal State Banquet* hosted by Queen Elizabeth for Chinese President Xi Jinping have finally arrived! Limited stocks, so hurry up and order now!

還記得由英女皇伊麗莎白為中國主席習近平在倫敦白金漢宮舉行的*皇家國宴嗎? 當中兩款期待已久的美酒終於抵達紅酒精英! 貨量有限,賣完即止!

*Please see here for the full wine list from the banquet.

Domaine Marquis d'Angerville Meursault 1er Cru Santenots 2007

Warre’s Vintage Port 1977

GCC Grand Cru Classé Monthly Sale – Dec 2015

GCC Grand Cru Classé Monthly Sale

Check our Facebook, website or email every last week of the month for our “GCC Grand Cru Classé Monthly Sale”!

每月尾密切留意我們密切留意我們Facebook網頁或電郵, 不要錯過我們推出的

December 2015 Offers

[201512] GCC Grand Cru Classé Monthly Sale - Dec 2015 Post

Château Branaire Ducru St. Julien 2011 750mL [RP: 89] HK$368 (原價Original Price HK$418)

Château Ducru-Beaucaillou St.Julien 2009 750mL [RP: 100] HK$2,200 (原價Original Price HK$2,480)

Château Saint-Pierre St. Julien 2010 750mL [RP: 97] HK$748 (原價Original Price HK$850)

Château Talbot St. Julien 2007 750mL [RP: 86] HK$420 (原價Original Price HK$468)

Château Clerc Milon Pauillac 2011 750mL [RP: 91+] HK$477 (原價Original Price HK$530)

Château d’Armailhac Pauillac 2011 750mL [RP: 87] HK$328 (原價Original Price HK$409)

*Offers valid until 31 Jan 2016 or while stocks last. / 優惠期至2016年1月31日或售完即止。

Whisky After Party with Highland Park & Suntory

Hot on the heels of our highly successful Highland Park tasting dinner last night is our GCC Whisky After Party! The originally one-day only Highland Park Discount is now extended and expanded: You are invited to check out the Highland Park Scotch and Suntory Japanese Whisky collection we have picked for you to warm your belly up this winter!

來參加GCC威士忌派對一起延續著我們昨晚Highland Park晚宴的熱烈氣氛! 現在誠邀您一起分享原訂只限一天的Highland Park晚宴優惠,並加上現今最火熱的日本三得利威士忌,讓我們一起點燃這個冬天!

Highland Park logo

Highland Park 12YO Single Malt Scotch 700mL
HK$396 (原價Original Price HK$450)

Highland Park 18YO Single Malt Scotch 700mL
HK$998 (原價Original Price HK$1,120)

Highland Park 21YO Single Malt Scotch 700mL
HK$1,880 (原價Original Price HK$2,080)

Highland Park 25YO Single Malt Scotch 700mL
HK$4,482 (原價Original Price HK$4,980)

Highland Park 30YO Single Malt Scotch 700mL

HK$7,486 (原價Original Price HK$7,880)

Highland Park 40YO Single Malt Scotch 700mL
HK$18,500 (原價Original Price HK$19,880)

Highland Park 1991 Single Malt Scotch 700mL
HK$2,232 (原價Original Price HK$2,480)


the_yamasaki_logoYAMAZAKI 12YO Single Malt Whisky 700mL
三得利山崎12年單一麥威士忌 700mL
HK$1,088 (原價Original Price HK$1,280)

YAMAZAKI 18YO Single Malt Whisky 700mL
三得利山崎18年單一麥威士忌 700mL
HK$2,788 (原價Original Price HK$3,280)

the_hakushu_logoHAKUSHU 12YO Single Malt Whisky 700mL
三得利白州12年單一麥威士忌 700mL
HK$738 (原價Original Price HK$820)

HAKUSHU 18YO Single Malt Whisky 700mL
三得利白州18 年單一麥威士忌 700mL
HK$2,533 (原價Original Price HK$2,980)

the_hibiki_logoHIBIKI 12YO Suntory Whisky 700mL
三得利響12年威士忌 700mL
HK$952 (原價Original Price HK$1,190)

HIBIKI 17YO Suntory Whisky 700mL
三得利響17年威士忌 700mL
HK$1,480 (原價Original Price HK$1,680)

HIBIKI 30YO Suntory Whisky Arita-yaki Special Edition 700mL
三得利響30年威士忌 有田燒特別版 700mL
HK$20,980 (原價Original Price HK$23,800)

**Offers valid until 31st Jan 2016 or while stocks last.


Highland Park & Grand Cru Cellar Presents – Tasting & Dinner

Highland Park Whisky + Fine Chinese Cuisines

Highland Parker & Grand Cru Cellar Presents - Tasting & Dinner

Hello Wine Lovers,

We are pleased to invite you to our finale event of 2015:
Highland Park & Grand Cru Cellar Presents – Tasting & Dinner.

We will be tasting many gems of this legendary spirit, including its 12 Years Old, 18 Years Old, 25 Years Old and even 30 Years Old. There are also the special editions: Dark Origins and Vintage 1991. The total value of these 6 bottles is over HK$15,000!

To accompany the tasty whisky are the fine Chinese cuisines tailor-made by Tai Wing Wah Restaurant. All these are only HK$680 per person! First come first served limited seating, so hurry up and get your place at this alluring dinner of the year!


Highland Park & Grand Cru Cellar Presents – Tasting & Dinner。

這次我們將會品嚐到Highland Park 12年,18年,25年,甚至30年! 另外還有特別版Dark Origins和Vintage 1991。 這六款威士忌酒價值逾HK$15,000!

頂級威士忌配塔著特製的大榮華佳餚,每位只收HK$680! 名額有限,額滿即止,大家要儘快報名了!


Date: 10th December 2015 / 2015年12月10號
Time: 6:45pm (Reception & Tasting / 接待及品酒), 7:30pm (Dinner / 晚餐)
Venue: VIP Room, 2nd Floor, Tai Wing Wah Restaurant, 2-6 On Ning Road, Yuen Long, NT, Hong Kong
大榮華酒樓2樓VIP房, 元朗安寧路2-6號
Price: HK$680 per person / 每位HK$680

*需全額費用來確認您的預訂。 Full payment is required in advance to confirm your booking.

To book or inquire, simply call us at +852 2478 7178, WhatsApp at +852 6602 3999,
email to, or send us a private message on Facebook!
預訂或查詢可以致電我們: +852 2478 7178,
WhatsApp: +852 9518 2288, email:,

Holiday Season 2015

Hoilday Season 2015 Banner

Champagne 香檳

Champagne Barons de Rothschild Brut NV 750mL
HK$298 (原價 Originally HK$355.5)

Laurent-Perrier Brut NV 750mL
HK$268 (原價 Originally HK$335)

Laurent-Perrier Curvée Rosé Brut NV 750mL
with Original Gift Box

HK$568 (原價 Originally HK$598)

Laurent-Perrier Curvée Rosé Brut NV 750mL Birdcage Limited Edition
HK$698 (原價 Originally HK$820)

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut NV 750mL with Original Limited Edition Gift Box
HK$278 (原價 Originally HK$298)

Veuve Clicquot Brut NV 750mL with Original Gift Box
HK$298 (原價 Originally HK$328)

Sparkling 氣泡酒

Ca’ di Rajo Spumante Epsilon Gold Brut NV 750mL
HK$126 (原價 Originally HK$140)

Ca’ di Rajo Spumante Epsilon Pink Gold Rosé NV 750mL
HK$126 (原價 Originally HK$140)

Ca’ di Rajo Spumante Epsilon Platinum NV 750mL
HK$126 (原價 Originally HK$140)

Ca’ di Rajo Spumante Rosé NV 750mL
HK$95 (原價 Originally HK$105)

La Spinetta Biancospino, Moscato d’Asti DOCG 2014 750mL
HK$126 (原價 Originally HK$140)

Pio Cesare Moscato d’Asti 2013 750mL
HK$140.25 (原價 Originally HK$165)

Polo Martingala Moscato Italy NV 750mL
HK$88 (原價 Originally HK$110)

Wine – France 法國葡萄酒

Château Croix Mouton 2012
750mL [RP:87]

HK$108.8 (原價 Originally HK$128)

E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône Rouge 2011
750mL [RP:87-89]

HK$105.4 (原價 Originally HK$124)

La Ferme du Mont Côtes du Rhône 1ère Côte 2013
750mL [RP:88-90]

HK$100.3 (原價 Originally HK$118)

Wine – Italy 意大利葡萄酒

Allegrini La Poja Veronese IGT 2007 750mL
HK$585 (原價 Originally HK$688)

Antinori Solaia Toscana 2007 750mL [RP :97]
HK$1,728 (原價 Originally HK$1,920)

Masseto Tenuta dell’Ornellaia 2011 750mL [JS :100]
HK$3,980 (原價 Originally HK$4,280)

Ornellaia Tenuta dell’Ornellaia 2011 750mL [WS :96, JS :96]
HK$1,100 (原價 Originally HK$1,380)

Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia Bolgheri Tuscany 2011 750mL [RP :94]
HK$1,100 (原價 Originally HK$1,280)

Wine – Chile 智利萄酒

Polkura 5 Bottles 750mL Set
HK$888/set* (原價 Originally HK$1,026)
*Includes 1 bottle each of Syrah 2011, Malbec 2012, GSM 2012,
G+I 2011 & Sauvignon Blanc 2014.
*包括Syrah 2011Malbec 2012GSM 2012
G+I 2011和Sauvignon Blanc 2014各一支。

Miguel Torres Cordillera Carménère 2009 750mL
HK$108/bottle (原價 Originally HK$135)
6 Bottles in Original Wooden Case原裝木盒6支裝: HK$648/case (原價 Originally HK$810)

Miguel Torres Cordillera Carignan 2009 750mL
HK$108/bottle (原價 Originally HK$135)
6 Bottles in Original Wooden Case原裝木盒6支裝: HK$648/case (原價 Originally HK$810)

Wine – Napa Valley 美國萄酒

Dominus Estate Dominus 2011 750mL [JS:93]
HK$980 (原價 Originally HK$1,180)

Dominus Estate Napanook Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 750mL
HK$299.6 (原價 Originally HK$428)

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 750mL
HK$198 (原價 Originally HK$258)

Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir Reserve 2010 750mL
HK$396 (原價 Originally HK$440)

Stag’s Leap Wine Cellar Cask 23 2012 750mL [RP:100]
HK$1,780 (原價 Originally HK$1,980)

Gift Sets 禮盒

Baron Philippe Rothschild 5 Bottles Limited Gift Set
HK1,228/set* (原價 Originally HK$1,588)
*Includes 5 bottles of Mouton Cadet old vintage in original wooden gift box.
*包括5支舊年份的Mouton Cadet 系列及其原裝木造禮盒。

Luce+Luce Brunello & Riedel Gift Set
太陽神 Riedel 禮盒
HK$1,580/set* (原價Originally HK$2,140)
*Includes 1 bottle each of Luce 2009 and Luce Brunello 2009 (originally HK$880 each), one Luce Special Edition wineglass of the Riedel Vinum series (originally HK$380) and a Luce gift box.
*包括一支Luce 2009一支Luce Brunello 2009 (每支原價 $880) 一隻RIEDEL Vinum系列 – Luce 特別版太陽雕刻酒杯 (原價 $380) ,以及Luce禮盒乙個。

Wild Duck Creek 4 Bottles Gift Set
HK$1,188/set* (原價Originally HK$1,352)
*Includes 1 bottle each of Feathered Friends 2013, Yellow Hammer Hill 2012, Duck & Drake 2011 and Shiraz Reserve 2012 in wooden gift box.
*包括Feathered Friends 2013Yellow Hammer Hill 2012Duck & Drake 2011和Shiraz Reserve 2012各一支,以及木造禮盒乙個。

Wild Duck Creek 6 Bottles Gift Set
HK$2,888/set* (原價Originally HK$3,350)
*Includes 1 bottle each of Feathered Friends 2013, Yellow Hammer Hill 2012, Duck & Drake 2011, Shiraz Reserve 2012 and Duck Muck 2013 in wooden gift box.
*包括Feathered Friends 2013Yellow Hammer Hill 2012Duck & Drake 2011Shiraz Reserve 2012和Duck Muck 2013各一支,以及木造禮盒乙個。

Wolf Blass Black Label 2005 & Riedel Vinum Gift Set
禾富巴斯黑鷹Riedel 禮盒
HK$828/set* (原價 Originally HK$1,160)
*Includes 1 bottle of Wolf Blass Black Label 2005 (originally HK$780), one wineglass of the Riedel Vinum series (originally HK$380) and a Wolfblass gift box.
*包括一支 2005 Wolf Blass Black Label (原價 $780 )和一隻RIEDEL Vinum系列酒杯 (原價 $380),以及Wolf Blass禮盒乙個。

Wolf Blass Grey Label Riedel O Gift Set
禾富巴斯灰鷹Riedel 禮盒
HK$628/set* (原價 Originally HK$766)
*Includes 2 bottles of Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz 2010 (originally HK$248 each), two wineglasses of the Riedel O series (originally HK$135 each).
*包括兩支Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz2010 (每支原價 $248 )和兩隻RIEDEL O系列酒杯 (每隻原價 $135),以及Wolf Blass禮盒乙個。

**Offers valid until 31st Dec 2015 or while stocks last.